Well hello again

So it’s been a while, huh? Around the time of the bike crash that derailed my Ironman training, my then-new, now former job ramped up. I sort of stopped reading running/triathlon blogs, and writing fell several notches down the priority list.

I got back to running pretty quickly after my injury though, and in 2015 ran 3 marathons (Birmingham as a qualifier for Chicago, Grandma’s, and Chicago) and one 50k (North Face Endurance Challenge in WI). I focused well during my Birmingham training because I needed a certain time to qualify for Chicago. Training happened to fall during my first winter in Madison, so I ran quite a few long runs in the snow/freezing temperatures. Honestly though, it was memorable and a good experience to do once. When else do you get to have your eye lashes and water bottle freeze? Plus I listened to Serial (the first season) only while running, which was great motivation.


Birmingham Marathon – Happy to not be freezing


Frozen Lake Mendota in Madison

Grandma’s was amazing – definitely my favorite marathon. Chicago was… fine. Honestly by then I was tired of running. I’d been barely running 3 days a week due to my travel/work schedule, and while running was certainly a great stress reliever, I wasn’t having fun with training. Then I spontaneously ran a 50k with my mom the week before Chicago. Another story for another time, but I came to the conclusion I’m not running another marathon unless I’m trying for a certain time or raising money for charity.

And then in 2016 I ran nothing more than one half marathon (Disney Princess) in January. Oof.


I was Anna from Frozen, obviously.

But some other great stuff happened: I got married, I got accepted to my top business school, we moved to Evanston (near Chicago), we adopted a rescue puppy (!!), and I started school full time.


Looking through our wedding photos makes me want to re-live the whole weekend again.


Her name is Juno. She loves sleeping, chewing, chasing her ball, and eating trash off the sidewalk.

Running and triathlon were such defining aspects of my personality up until school. Even in my last job, coworkers knew I ran because they’d see me at the hotel gym or heading out for a run after spending the day at the client’s site. Now I’m far from the most intense runner around, which is great because it means I have a lot of potential running buddies, but it also feels like a little something is missing. (For better or worse, people do see all our medals and our cough…four..cough bikes around when they come over, but at this point they feel more like relics of a past life). During the fall quarter I tried to run a few miles a couple times a week, but I want to do more.


We gifted each other the medal racks a while ago but never hung them until now. Turns out we have a lot of medals. (Mine are on the right.)

So during winter quarter, I’m committing myself to going to a cycling studio nearby twice a week, running 3+ times a week, and working in a little at-home yoga too. Our triathlon club at school does a sprint/Olympic distance tri each spring, so I’ve got my eye on that, with a goal of adding swimming to my routine during spring quarter. Once I know where I’ll be for my summer internship, maybe I’ll find a local race to do there as well.

Here’s to a healthy 2017!

PS I hadn’t looked at my blog since ohh November 2014, and man, am I glad I wrote up so much of my training! It was awesome to go back and read how much I was doing each week. I miss training hard.

PPS I don’t know how often I’ll actually write here, but re-reading my posts made me nostalgic, so I’ll try to capture anything of note. You know, for posterity. And my own narcissism.



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