Injury Update #1

Five days into my injury-imposed rest, I’m in higher spirits than I anticipated. It might be the oxycodone talking, but for potentially having my Ironman dreams squashed (for the time being), I think I’m doing ok mentally. All I’m focused on right now is getting my wounds to heal. Who knows what will happen come September 7, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

This post is a random collection of things that are making me feel alright about my accident this week.

Le Tour. It helps that the Tour de France is happening right now, and these guys crash like all the time. Mark Cavendish crashed at the end of the first stage, going over his handlebars and landing on his right shoulder. I also went over my handlebars and landed on my right shoulder, so I’m basically on his level, right? Right. I assume the majority of them have broken their collarbones and ribs, and look, they’re back to racing bikes professionally! Surely I can get back to recreational racing eventually.


I feel you, man. Though he needed surgery, and thankfully I did not.

Maxi skirts. Before this week, I did not own any maxi skirts or dresses. I’d contemplated them once or twice but never found “the one.” Then I crashed my bike and had to figure out what to wear to work that didn’t irritate or show the road rash on my shin, knee, hip, and “flank” as the nurses called the area I’d call my love-handle. Enter the flowy, loose, and oh-so-comfortable maxi skirt. After I’d left the hospital, napped at home, and realized I actually had nothing to wear to work the next day, I asked Eric to take me to TJ Maxx (because being on oxycodone means I can’t drive and TJ Maxx is the right price point for clothes you may only need to wear for a week or so). I grabbed two skirts and a dress without trying them on. And yeah, I’m obsessed now. These skirts will definitely be part of my regular clothing rotation.

Also, today at work a girl asked me if we were wearing the same skirt, saying she got hers at J. Crew. I kindly said mine was from TJ Maxx, but yes, they look identical! #maxxinista

Defined healing time. The doctors said my rib and collarbone would heal in about 6 weeks. Of course it’s horrible timing with the Ironman in less than 9 weeks, but in the grand scheme of things, 6 weeks is nothing. And unlike the year I spent trying to figure out what was wrong my foot and then IT band and how to fix them, I know exactly what’s wrong with me, how to fix it, and how long it will take. Nothing is guaranteed, but I should heal within 2 months, and that’s reassuring.

It could’ve been much worse. Even among cycling-induced broken collarbones and ribs, my injuries are pretty minor. I didn’t actually see the x-rays (not sure why not…), but they said my fractures are very small and the hole in my lung was tiny. I didn’t need surgery, and it seems everything should heal just fine on its own. My road rash is already healing up. And Eric and I seem to have escaped the hospital without any hospital-acquired infections – something we were seriously worried about.

This weekend I’m hoping to start weaning myself off the oxycodone so I can drive again. Big plans, people. Sunday is the open water race I was supposed to do. It’s about a 45 minute drive away, but I really want to get my shirt and see the event, so I miiiiight wake up early on Sunday to go watch (I’m not much use as a volunteer right now, I fear). Or I’ll enjoy sleeping in like a normal person. We’ll see.

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