Carolina Half Iron Training Recap Week 7

With the pool closed this week and a mini-taper in desperate preparation for the Umstead Marathon on Saturday, this week was pretty simple.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Spin class

Second of three Groupon classes at RIDE. I’ll be sad when I take my final class.

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: Rest

The training plan said do a 52 minute ride. I would’ve taken it very easy and been mostly motivated by getting to watch a Netflix episode. Instead I opted to sleep an extra hour.

Friday: 2 mile run

Saturday: Umstead Trail Marathon

No photos (worst blogger), but I swear it happened. Maybe I’ll get a recap up this week.

Sunday: 3 mile walk

My mom and I stretched our legs with a walk around the WaDuke trail. It was gorgeous out, and the trail was full of runners and walkers.

It turns out I didn’t do much this week except run the marathon. It’s a tricky thing to attempt to prepare to run a race for which you aren’t properly trained. Ideally, I would’ve liked to train through the race and not reduce my volume (much) leading up to it. But I also didn’t want to be miserable during the race, so I backed off quite a bit (as you can see). I’m also not going to stress about not getting in a long ride this weekend. My mom and I had a wonderful causal Sunday, and there will plenty of long rides in the next 6 months.

I signed up for a few more races this week, which is one of my favorite pastimes. In May I’ll do the Cary Duathlon and the Running of the Bulls 8k (highly recommend for Durham folks!). Out of curiosity, I’m tracking how much I spend on Ironman-related expenses this year. I am glad I already have most of the basics covered, but people say Ironman is so expensive (with registration and bike transportation to the race costing over $1000 already, I assure you they are correct), and I want to see for myself. I’m keeping running races’ costs separate, but the duathlon and any tris and open water swims go squarely in the “Ironman 2014 costs” column. This should be a revelatory exercise.


Swim: 0

Bike: 45 minutes

Run: 31 miles

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