Carolina Half Iron Training Recap Week 6

I’m several days late writing up last week’s workouts, but there were some good ones! I re-learned that running with a friend is the best.

Monday: Long run

After signing up for the Umstead Trail Marathon a few weeks out from the race, I needed to squeeze in one last long run. I had President’s Day off for work (after working from home due to snow for 3 days plus the weekend, yeah it was nice), so I headed out for run with the goal of at least 15 or 16 miles, but secretly hoping I’d casually be able to run 20 easy miles after not running more than 8 miles at a time for 3 weeks. Spoiler alert: that’s not how running works.

I ran my normal route – over to the WaDuke trail, along Campus Drive, around Duke’s East Campus, and back over to the forest. I like when walkers and runners smile and wave when we pass each other, and there was a lot of that going on. Maybe everyone was happy to have beautiful weather on their day off! After about 16 miles I decided I was done and needed to take the shortest route home (about more 3 miles). I wasn’t (and am still not) sure how I’d manage another 10 miles, but I made it home with 19 relatively evenly paced miles done.

Tuesday: Swim

On Tuesday my legs were quite sore from the previous day’s run, so I was glad to head to the pool for about 2000 yards. In the evening, I met up with my NOBO group. We spent the session practicing dynamic warm-ups, which was wonderful for my legs.

Wednesday: Indoor trainer ride

I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black and rode for about 45 minutes.

Thursday: Easy run a.m., Swim p.m.

Still walking a bit funny from Monday, I went for an easy 5 mile run to try to keep working out the soreness.

After work I really did not want to swim. I enjoy swimming in the evenings, but for whatever reason just wasn’t feeling it. I know there will be days (weeks?) in Ironman training when I won’t want to do the workout but still need to. This day seemed as good as any to start flexing that self-control muscle.

My regular pool is closed for maintenance, so I went to Duke’s gym under the assumption that my alumni card got me five free gym passes per year. I used up my five for 2013 last summer/fall training for Rev3. When I showed up at the gym, I was surprised to learn that I in fact got five free gym passes for life. And I used them all up in about a 2 month span. Whoops. The guy working the front desk took pity on me and let me go in anyway, but I think that’ll only work once. I swam about 1600 yards and then “practiced” my flip turns.

Friday: Tempo run

I wanted to get in a medium length run with some faster miles. That turned into 2 miles warm-up, 2 miles up-tempo, 1 mile recovery, 2 miles up-tempo, and 1 mile cool-down for a total of 8 miles. The up-tempo miles were pretty challenging, but I’m trying to learn to push through discomfort while running.

Saturday: Long ride

My longest ride yet for the year: 42 miles. The weather was kind to me, so I actually got a little too warm while riding, which I was beginning to think was impossible. I’m still pretty worried about the 56 mile bike portion of the race (more specifically, how I’ll feel trying to run afterwards). Hopefully I can make some progress in the next two months.

Sunday: Long run

To “taper” for the upcoming marathon, I planned to run 12 miles. A few college friends were in town for the weekend, and one of them – Maggie – is currently training for Boston. We decided to run together, and it was a fantastic decision. We ended up running a little over 13 miles, and the time flew by. Running with someone for an hour or two is the best way to catch up. I should make an effort to find long run buddies more often.


Swim: 3600 yards

Bike: 55 miles

Run: 45 miles

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