Carolina Half Triathlon Training Recap: Week 5

Another week down. As you may have noticed, the East Coast got quite a bit snow this week. Luckily it didn’t interrupt my training too much, but it was strange riding my bike next to piles of snow. This week we’re supposed to get weather into the 60s, so all the remaining snow will clear up. It was pretty for a day, but I’m not sad to see it go.

Monday: Rest

Monday works well as a rest day because it gives me a chance to get ready for the week. Though I often wonder what I’d do with myself if I weren’t training most evenings.

Tuesday: Cycling class a.m.

The first of my three Groupon classes at RIDE. My friend Lindsay joined me, so it was fun to introduce someone to the studio!

Wednesday: Swim a.m., Snowy run p.m.

The snow was predicted to start around 10am, so I headed off to the pool before working from home for the day. I chose a workout from last summer’s training plan to swim a little further (1400 yards) than my current plan suggested (1000 yards).

After watching the snow pile up for several hours (7 inches is a lot to this Georgia girl), I just had to go for a little run. Originally I’d planned to do a track workout, but that was clearly out of the question. I headed out for an easy 5 mile out and back to see how the roads were faring. Running in so much fresh snow was a new experience, and I was thankful there was no ice yet. As I was finishing up my run, I passed a guy heading out for his own snowy run. As we passed, he commented, “We don’t get to do this often!” So true. Every new weather experience is fun once or twice. At least if it snows at Ironman, I’ll have gotten my practice in?


Can’t even see the sidewalk here.


Tiny bits of ice frozen to my eye lids and eye lashes. This is not normal.


This is a pretty major 6 lane highway at 5pm on a work day. The few cars out were crawling.

Thursday: Trainer ride p.m.

I watched the finale of season 1 of House of Cards. Just in time for season 2, which I’m saving as trainer motivation.

Friday: Run a.m., Swim p.m.

It was still too icy to run outside, so I headed over to the apartment gym treadmill for 6 miles, increasing the speed each half mile.

After working from home for the third day in a row, the ice in my apartment complex had finally cleared up enough to head to the pool in the afternoon. Again, I swam an old workout (1200) that was further than my plan said. I like this approach.

Saturday: Rest

I didn’t trust the roads and sidewalks enough to do my long run or long ride, so… rest day!

Sunday: Outdoor ride + run

I took my road bike out for a nice 35 mile ride and then did a 15 minute transition run – my first brick of the year! I anticipate many more in the next 6 months.


Swim: 2600 yards

Bike: 60ish miles

Run: 12.5ish miles

Strength/Rehab: 30 minutes

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