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You know that saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”? Well, I kind of think telling the internet is the same way. Last weekend I was totally at peace with not running a spring marathon, and now I find myself registered for one in two weeks. Brilliant. So much for not being under-trained for a marathon this year. Do as I say, not as I do?


My mom registered for this race back in the fall. It’s small and fills up quickly, but they allow people to withdraw in January and open up those spots to other people. Well, my mom’s been injured and therefore cycling much more than running, so I think she’s had some trouble getting excited for this race aside from it being a wonderful excuse to visit me. Today she was perusing the website for inspiration and saw there were four spots left from the second round of registration. She texted me, I called her, and minutes later I was registered. Funny how that happens. She and I are a little too alike in our inability to resist a starting line.

With all the snow nonsense around here this week, I’ll try to get in a long run (15 miles or more) this weekend and focus on my leg/hip/butt strength and rehab exercises to stay injury-free. I won’t have much of a time goal, so maybe I’ll get my low-stress birthday (a month late, but who’s counting?) marathon with my mom after all!

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