Training Recap: Week 4

Now that I’ve more or less accepted that I won’t run a spring marathon, we can just count these training recaps by how many weeks I am into my 16-week training plan for a half ironman this May. So yes, this would be week 13 on the old rules of counting down, but this is my blog so… 

Grown-Ass Lady 11x14


Per the plan, this was a recovery week. I think I’ll still do the track workouts and tempo runs from my marathon training plan because it was fun to run fast, but my third run each week will be at an easier effort.

Monday: Swim 800 yards

Not exciting. Still wondering when this plan will add more swimming, but trying not to get stressed because a) it’s a recovery week and b) I’m going to get plenty of swimming all summer.

Tuesday: Track workout 6 x 800s in 3:17

I prefer to do track workouts in the evening when my body has had time to loosen up, but I had some evening commitments on Tuesday, so I got to enjoy sunrise from the track. The pace should have been doable – I’ve been loving track workouts this year and have been running faster than the prescribed paces most weeks. But on Tuesday I was not mentally or physically interested in running 800s. at. all. And the times on my watch reflected that. After the 3rd 800 I considered just going home, but I knew then I’d have to get up another morning to fit in the workout, and I was already up so I might as well just suffer through it, no matter how slow. Yuck.

Wednesday: Swim 800 yards. Cycling 40 minutes on the trainer

Not much to say about the swim.

I watched House of Cards while riding on the trainer. Downton Abbey was a little too slow to keep my attention this season.

Thursday: Cycling 45 minutes on the trainer

More House of Cards. I have one episode left in Season 1, so I’ll be prepared for Season 2’s release this Friday!

Through my role as a mentor for the local Fleet Feet No Boundaries running program, I attended a Physical Therapy “Continuing Education” class at a local PT clinic. The purpose of the clinic was to give the mentors the tools to help our new runners develop good running habits and to help differentiate between soreness that is okay to run through and pain that needs rest or to be seen by a professional. They talked a lot about engaging the glutes while running, which is something I’ve had in mind since my RRCA course in September and would love to work on myself. When I hurt my IT band and went to a physical therapist in DC, the guy basically said, “your glutes are strong, so you’re fine. Give it 2 more weeks of rest.” When clearly I was not fine since I couldn’t walk or straighten my leg without feeling like I had a knife in the outside of my knee for a few months. I’ve self-diagnosed that while my glutes may be strong enough, they probably aren’t taking enough responsibility when I run. Now that I won’t be doing long marathon training runs this winter/spring, I’ve decided to focus on fixing some of my running posture problems, including the glutes thing and hunching my back. Considering that right now my only game plan is to be cognizant of both issues and reset my posture when I realize what I’m doing wrong, I am not sure how well this will work out. I should probably do a lot of bridges and core work, shouldn’t I?

Friday: Swim 1200 yards. Run 8 miles with middle 6 faster.

Again swimming was not super exciting. Sometimes I think about practicing flip turns after my workout, but then I decide I’d rather just shower and go to work.

I did not get enough sleep this week because of work things and whatnot and Tuesday’s track workout was awful, so I was pleasantly surprised with how good my afternoon run felt. I snuck out of the office a little early to run during the daylight, and man, what a difference that made. Plus it was warm enough for shorts!

Saturday: Cycling 25 miles

As I mentioned above, this will be my second season as a mentor in the Fleet Feet No Boundaries “No Bo” program. I love my role because I get hang out with people who are just getting started or are rekindling their relationship with running, and it’s a wonderful supportive environment. So that’s how I’ll be spending most of my Saturday mornings from now until the Girls on the Run Spring 5k that our program is using as a goal race.

We were lucky here in NC and had clear skies in the afternoon, so I took my road bike out for a spin. This was my first solo outdoor ride of the year and just my second outdoor ride at all this year. Similar to fixing my running posture problems, I want to take this spring to unlearn some bad cycling habits. Number 1 on the list: riding in the big ring up front too often. Multiple people who know way more about cycling than I do have commented that I should shift to an easier gear a lot more frequently than I do. Based on my rudimentary analysis on Saturday, I think I end up using my quads to ride at a slower cadence when I should be using my glutes to ride at a faster cadence.

Again with the glutes. I think I’ve found a trend.

Considering I’m going to be riding my bikes a lot this year, I want to set up good habits early.

Sunday: Run 5 miles. lululemon yoga.

I picked 5 miles because that seemed short but not too short. Highly scientific.

Yoga at lululemon is always a nice treat. Lindsay and I met for class and brunch. Sure, I could’ve fit in a long run instead of the short run + yoga + brunch combo, but I’m trying to think of my time as money. I have to choose how I spend it, and investing in socializing (especially socializing that involves a workout) was the right choice. Now if only I could convince Lindsay to train for a marathon with me…

Weekly totals:

Swimming: 2800 yards

Cycling: Approx.  50 miles

Running: 19 miles

Yoga: 1 hour

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