Training Recap (Week 11/14)

Here we are again, another weekly training recap. This week was busy with work and travel, and on top of everything, the marathon I planned to sign up for sold out the morning I planned to register. Great timing, right? I’m trying to decide whether to take it as a blessing because I won’t unnecessarily stress my IT band before Ironman training starts or if I should take it as an opportunity to run for a charity, something I’ve considered before but never followed through on. 

Monday: Swim 1000 yards a.m., Cycling class p.m.

After the weekend of travel and Sunday’s rest day, I needed to get in a swim from last week’s schedule.  Easy enough. After work, I snuck in one last class at RIDE before my two week new student pass ended. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my classes at the studio, and I’m glad I have a Groupon for 3 classes to use this spring.

I had planned to sign up for the Rock n Roll Raleigh marathon on Monday, but just as I went to sign up, I checked their Facebook page for any updates. And what do you know, it had apparently sold out an hour earlier. I spent the rest of the day getting excited by the challenge of fundraising for a charity.

Tuesday: Swim 900 yards a.m., Track workout ~ 6 miles p.m.

Swimming before work, the usual. These short swim workouts are nice and easy. I know swims will get longer soon.

So this track workout. I know it’s been cold everywhere, and I live in the south and thus haven’t been subjected to negative temperatures, but I have run in 20 degrees or below more times this winter than probably my whole life combined. Somehow I’m at a point where as long as the “feels like” temperature is in the double digits, I’m not even concerned. Durham was supposed to get a few inches of snow on Tuesday night, so I was excited for a potential track workout in the snow. For better or for worse, (is it hard to run on the track in the snow? I don’t know these things) it didn’t really start snowing until I was running home from the track. The snow was falling softly, and it was dark and peaceful out. Beautiful. And we did get a few inches of snow!

Wednesday: 45 minute trainer ride a.m., 900 yard swim p.m.

With the snow from Tuesday night, I was thankful for an indoor, no-driving workout in the morning. Later in the day I nervously ventured out to the pool, only to realize that the roads were completely clear and once I was out of my apartment complex I was fine.

Thursday: 2 hour trainer ride a.m.

In preparation for another weekend of travel, I got my long ride in while watching Downton Abbey.

Friday: 5.5 mile run a.m.

Friday was my birthday (woo!), so I took the day off work to travel up to Madison to visit Eric for the weekend. I was supposed to run 7 miles with the middle 5 faster, but I was worried about getting to the airport in time, so I cut it to 5.5 and ran the middle 3 fast.

Saturday: 1200 yard swim, 60 minutes pool-running

One of the best things about dating a fellow endurance athlete is that even when you’re only in town for a day and a half, there is always time for a workout. Eric is recovering from a stress fracture, so we went to the University of Wisconsin pool and I got my swim in while Eric pool ran. Instead of heading to the treadmill after my swim, I joined Eric for the rest of his pool running workout.

Not part of triathlon training, but we walked on a frozen lake!!! Maybe this is no big deal to northerners, but my mind was blown. College students had the cleared the 8 inches or so of snow off part of the ice and were doing some sort of hockey tournament. People were walking and skiing way out in the distance. I had never seen anything like it. So much about Wisconsin in the winter is novel to me, and it’s kind of fun.


This is a lake covered in snow for as far as I could see.

Sunday: Rest

Another day of travel.


Swimming: 4000 yards

Cycling: 3.5 hours (60 miles-ish)

Running: 18 miles

Yoga: 0 again. I meant to do some yoga every week, and I’ve already fallen off the bandwagon. Time to get back on next week.


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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