Training Recap (Week 12/15)

Continuing on with my adventure training for a marathon (12 weeks out) and a half Ironman triathlon (15 weeks out) within a month of each other…

Monday: Long Run ~ 17 miles

With the trail race and visitors in town for the long weekend, Monday was my best opportunity to get in a long run. My plan called for 17 miles at a 8:57 pace. I ran a bit faster, especially for the first several miles. I believe in running your long runs slow, but it’s hard for me to find that pace. As the miles go on, I wonder if I’m slowing down because I’m getting better at controlling my pace or because I’m getting tired…

Tuesday: Swim 850 yards and Cycling class (a.m.)

Why yes, I am very proud of myself for getting to the pool before my cycling class at RIDE. I’m lucky that work, home, the pool, and the cycling studio are within a 10-15 minute drive of each other. The playlist theme for the cycling class was songs from movie soundtracks. I was able to place Mrs. Robinson, You’re The One That I Want, and that song from 8 Mile.

I moved both workouts to the morning because the pool was closed for a high school swim meet in the afternoon. Plus, a friend and I went to a Brooks Pure Project Launch Party in the evening, hosted by the local Fleet Feet. I’m ashamed I didn’t take any good pictures, but they debuted some very cute and functional clothes in the new line.


Before the fashion show

Wednesday: Swim 850 yards and Cycling class (a.m.)

Two workouts in a morning. Again very pleased with myself. My excuse this time: I went to see the musical Once at the local performing arts center. I’d never seen the movie or heard the music, but I absolutely loved it. You should all go see it if it comes to you!

Thursday: Cycling class (a.m.) and Track Workout ~ 5.5 miles (p.m.)

In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve enjoyed my two week new student pass at RIDE quite a bit. Durham people, go check them out!

After last week’s shorts fiasco at the track, I was not excited for the potential of running 1600 meter repeats in the dark. So for the first time a long time, I was thankful for my apartment complex treadmills. Whenever I run fast on a treadmill, I assume I look totally ridiculous. Luckily no one else was in the gym for most of my workout. The repeats were at 6:51 pace, which felt frustratingly hard. Maybe because it was the fourth day in a row of pretty hard workouts. Other excuses include: the gym is warm and I’m used to cold weather and the fact that my office had lots of treats for a baby shower that day.

Friday: 6 mile run with middle 3 miles faster (a.m.)

Let me just say that 13 degrees “feels like 4 degrees” is not normal for North Carolina, and I will complain about it if I want to. Though aren’t we all a little tired of whining about the cold, let alone reading/hearing other people whine about it? I bundled up and headed for the WaDuke trail for some hilly miles. For the first mile or so, I was pretty convinced I was going to lose my hands to frostbite that day. Note to self: one pair of thin 50 cent Target gloves is not enough for “feels like 4.” My prescribed workout was to warm up for 2 miles (definitely needed both those miles to get my legs going), run the next three miles at 7:23, and then cool down for a mile. Whether it was the hills or the cold or the fatigue from the week (or all three), I couldn’t quite get the pace right for the faster miles. The first and third were closer to 7:30, while the second was around 7:15. Close enough I say.

Saturday: Long Run ~ 18 miles

Some friends were hosting a Beer Tasting party in DC on Saturday night, so I drove up after work on Friday to spend the weekend there. I did not realize that DC was covered in snow, but it made for a pretty interesting 18 miles of dodging ice/catching myself from slipping every other step. Honestly whenever I got about 100 yards of ice- and snow-free path, I was so happy to just run normally. I know it’s unwise to run two long runs within 5 days of each other, but I think we can all appreciate that the day after a night of beer tasting would not be the wisest time to attempt to run 18 miles. Again, I was supposed to run at an 8:57 pace, but my watch is a Garmin FR60, which uses a foot pod instead of GPS, so it’s a glorified pedometer. Taking tiny steps around ice probably doesn’t yield very accurate measurements, so while I feel confident I ran close to 18 miles since I ran 19 according to my watch, I have no idea what my true pace was. And I am just fine with that. Running on snow and ice was fun as a one-time activity, but I don’t think I’d enjoy doing it throughout the winter.


Failed at taking a picture of the Capitol Hill Fox on Hains Point, but look at all the snow!


More snow and ice at the Washington Monument

Sunday: Rest

After a busy week, I appreciated a leisurely brunch with friends before hitting the road back to Durham.


Swimming: 1700 yards

Cycling: 2.5 hours, estimating 50 miles

Running: 46.5 miles (Just now realizing what two long runs in a week will do to your weekly mileage… That is a lot for me right now. Time to go foam roll for a while.)

Yoga: 0 hours

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