Training Recap (Week 13/16)

January marked my return to formal training, though I haven’t yet signed up for either of the two races I plan do. Details, details… This time around, I’m training for both a marathon and a half ironman (hence the two different week numbers). As of January 13th, my goal half ironman was 16 weeks away and my goal marathon was 13 weeks away. I’ve never attempted to train for two races 3 weeks apart, let alone a marathon and a half ironman. I’ll put together another post of how I plan to train for both races simultaneously. For now, here’s how week 13/16 went down:

Monday: Rest

Starting off with a very important element of smart training. I’d done a long run of 15 miles the day before as lead up to marathon training.

Tuesday: Cycling (a.m.) and Swim 800 yards (p.m.) Barre class (p.m.)

A cycling/yoga/Barre/Pilates studio recently opened near me called Ride Cycle Studio. If you’re in Durham or Chapel Hill, I highly recommend it! They offer a 2 week unlimited pass to new students for a pretty inexpensive price, so I took advantage by getting in two classes in one day. The spin class was challenging with great music – just what I’m looking for early in the morning. And a welcome alternative to 45 minutes on the trainer (though I do need to catch up on Downton Abbey).

The triathlon plan I’m following has pretty low swimming volume, and I haven’t decide how I feel about it. I wish I had a better tally of the volume I did last year in addition to blog recaps. I always meant to go back and enter the data somewhere but just haven’t. Evening swimming has never been my favorite, but I’m trying to change my mind about it.

Barre was a new experience for me. I never took ballet classes as a child, and admittedly my posture and core strength could use some work. The class was a good reminder of those weaknesses.

Wednesday: Cycling + Yoga (a.m.) and Track workout ~ 5 miles (p.m.)

A neat thing about Ride is their combo classes. On Wednesday, we did a cycling class for 30 minutes and then moved to the yoga room for 45 minutes of flow yoga. I pretty quickly regretted forgetting my yoga towel to keep my sweaty hands steady on my mat.

At the track I did 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400  at paces prescribed by the plan I’m using. I was a little faster than planned for each interval, so that’s always fun.


Lesson learned: jumping the fence at the track is not a good idea if I want to keep my shorts tear-free.













Thursday: Cycling class (a.m.) and Swim 800 yards (p.m)

Back to Ride for class in the morning. Another energizing workout to start the day.

Short swim with 3×100 at race pace.

Friday: Run 7 miles with middle 5 at 7:53

Friday morning runs are my favorite. I felt great at or faster than the prescribed pace.

Saturday: Little River Trail Run – 10 miles

Two friends came down from DC to run too, so this race was extra fun. I’ll never complain about the chance to run in the woods for a while. The race is super well-organized and supported. The finish area had hot chocolate, two kinds of soup, fruit, and bagels with peanut butter and Nutella. I’m sad to say I only enjoyed some hot chocolate before we were ready to head back to the warm car.

Sunday: Swim 800 yards and Yoga

Continuing the theme of short swims here. After the pool, I headed back to Ride for the fourth time this week for some flow yoga.


Swimming = 2400 yards

Cycling = 2.5 hours, so let’s estimate 50 miles

Running = 22 miles

Yoga/Barre =  3 hours

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