Those December Goals

When I posted way back at the beginning of the month (oof I see a potential new years resolution…), I laid out 3 goals for starting to think about getting back into swim bike run.

  • Get on the bike trainer for at least 45 minutes twice (Step one is really: get trainer out of my closet and change road bike back tire to trainer tire) – Check, kind of. I rode my bike on my trainer once, but I didn’t change the tire. I also rode outside with my dad and his cycling buddy this week for about 2.5 hours at an easy pace, so we can call this goal “completed.”
  • Do hip exercises three times per week (I really do NOT want to deal with running injuries all year) – Another check, kind of. I haven’t been keeping a tally, but before and after every run, I’ll do some combination of hip exercises.
  • Get triathlon training books off the shelf – Whoops did not do this one, and I won’t be back to my apartment until after January 1. But this goal was more about actively thinking about triathlon, and I have spent plenty of time perusing triathlon blogs and to get back in the mindset.

Meanwhile, Christmas celebrations (and requisite dessert-eating) have been going strong at my parents’ house. I always love to come home and check out for a little while, but I’ve been doing some planning for 2014 and I’m excited to get back to Durham and get started! A race schedule post is in the works already, I promise!

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