2014 Race Calendar… So Far


For the third time, I’ll run the 10 mile Little River Trail Run. I ran it once in college, and last year my former roommate from DC came down to join me. This year she’s coming back, and we’re adding a third (and maybe a fourth) friend to our little group! I also know some other people running, so it should be fun.



I haven’t actually registered yet… but I’d like to run the Merge 25k. The race goes from Chapel Hill to Durham and supports local charities. Plus 25k is a unique race distance, so that adds intrigue.


I’ll also be cheering for my friend Lexi as she takes on her first half marathon at the Rock n Roll race in DC! Lexi graciously offered to be my first coached athlete, so I’m extra excited to see how she does.


Backstory: I wanted to run a marathon for my 26th birthday, which is at the end of January (get it? 26 miles for 26 years? I know, I’m so clever). I had my eye on the Hilton Head Marathon at the beginning of February where I ran my most enjoyable half marathon ever last year after Eric and I signed up on a whim three days before the race. But with some nagging pains after my Thanksgiving half marathon, I decided to back off the running for December. Which meant no long runs. So I’m back to the drawing board. I’d like to run a marathon with adequate training this spring, and I want it to be nearby.

That brings us to the Rock n Roll Raleigh marathon as my best option. I prefer to support smaller races, and I’ve missed about 20 discount codes for the race, but sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got, right? I have confirmation that a friend’s wedding is NOT that weekend, so I should register soon.


The Carolina Half at the beginning of May will be my only half iron triathlon of the season and potentially my first tri of any distance. I also haven’t signed up for this one yet, but I have a valid excuse: registration opens January 1. Oh now I remember, the fear of being under-prepared for this race is what’s keeping me from committing to a full marathon mere weeks before.


Maybe an open water swim? I’ve never done a stand-alone open water swim event, and it would certainly be good for me.


I qualified for the Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships by winning my age group in Battle at Buckhorn last summer. The race is in Milwaukee, and Eric will be living in Madison, WI, so I’ve considered doing it just for the experience.

2014 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships


The big one: Ironman Wisconsin. This year is all about getting to the starting line of this race healthy and ready to go.



My family will probably run the Thanksgiving half marathon again, and I won’t expect to set any new PRs this time.


It turns out I’ve only committed to two races for 2014. Never mind that one was the biggest financial commitment to a race ever. In addition to the races listed here, I’ll add one or two shorter triathlons, a few half marathons, maybe a 5k, and as many century rides as I can find. What will guide my choices? Races close enough that I can drive up in the morning!

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3 Responses to 2014 Race Calendar… So Far

  1. Wow, this looks like an exciting and ambitious year. I’ll be at both Little River and Merge; maybe I’ll see you there!

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