Back on the Triathlon Train

Since my half marathon on Thanksgiving, I’ve really dialed back my training. Partly because my hip hurts a lot when I run (I’ve self-diagnosed it as a hip flexor strain, likely caused by going from just enough running to finish a half ironman to running 5 days a week and doing speed work), and partly because it’s cold and dark, and work is busy, and countless other reasons. I declared (to myself and to my mom) that this month would be focused on getting back in the swimming pool and on my bike. Then I read an article about how time spent in the pool in the off-season doesn’t provide a worthwhile return on investment. So naturally, neither the pool nor the bike trainer has happened. Twice a week I run/walk a few miles with a group of beginner runners I’m mentoring, and I’ve done some yoga and strength training that can be done indoors.

Meanwhile September 7th is looming, and I’m feeling some pressure to figure out my plan for the year. I think it’s slowly coming together, but I mostly worry about what I need to be doing right now, and I’m coming up empty-handed.

My triathlon-related goals for the rest of the year (I know, all 3 weeks of it…):

  • Get on the bike trainer for at least 45 minutes twice (Step one is really: get trainer out of my closet and change road bike back tire to trainer tire)
  • Do hip exercises three times per week (I really do NOT want to deal with running injuries all year)
  • Get triathlon training books off the shelf

Baby steps, right?

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