Kona Kase: September Review

You may remember I bought a three month subscription to Kona Kase, and September was my second “kase.” Somehow it takes me until the next kase arrives to use up the previous month’s products! So here we are in October, reviewing the kase from September…


Seriously love the quotes in each box.


As soon as I saw the skratch hydration mix, I was excited because I’d been wanting to try it.


The goods, clockwise from top left (sort of):

Balance Bar, chocolate almond flavor

Ojio Electrolyte Mixes, berry and citrus flavors

Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, lemon lime flavor

Crum Creek mini breadsticks

Clif Crunch Bar, blueberry crisp flavor

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar, raspberry flavor

Wai Lana Fruit & Nut Bar, tropical macadamia

(According to the kase insert, the kase was also supposed to include some Surf Sweets jelly beans, but mine didn’t.)


The Winners!


Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar: Hmm eating while driving… Ok this fig bar was delicious. I ate it on the way from work to a workout. It was kind of like a fig newton, but the crust part was more oat-y and chewy and just great. Or maybe I was just really hungry. I would buy these, so they fit in the winner category!

Skratch Labs Hydration Mix: I used this mix on a long brick bike ride. It was less sugary than Gatorade and not fizzy like some of the tablets. Also, it’s made by the guys who wrote The Feed Zone Cookbook , which I bought recently and have enjoyed a recipe or two from.

Clif Crunch Bar: Pretty similar to a Nature Valley granola bar. I enjoyed the blueberry flavor.

The “meh”


Wai Lana bar: Just not something I’d ever buy. It was pretty similar to a Lara Bar, so I’d buy those instead.

Crum Creek breadsticks: Meh. Breadsticks aren’t all the exciting. These are natural, organic, vegan, and gluten-free, so if you were concerned about any of those dietary restrictions, you might  be more interested.

Balance Bar: I was super excited for this bar, but it had a funky aftertaste.

Ojio Electrolyte Mix: Again, I was excited, but another funky aftertaste (and smell).

The more I think about it, maybe I’m just not into buying packaged snacks. Sure, I buy packaged stuff for my rides and runs, but in theory, I’d like to shift away from that. As convenient as these packaged snacks are, I’d eat a piece of fruit or handful of pretzels rather than a prepackaged bar of some sort. As with last month, I enjoyed the fun of trying new things in my kase, but the one I’d realistically buy again is the skratch labs mix.

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