Training Recap: 1 Week until Rev3 Anderson

In this last week I was just focused on getting in the workouts to the best of my ability, eating well, and catching up on sleep. I think I managed all three pretty well! In the “eating well” department, I made these three recipes this week, which is impressive only because I rarely plan out three real recipes that make enough lunches (for me) and dinners (for me and Eric). Plus two recipes were made in a slow cooker. Success.

Monday: 3 x 10 minutes running

My plan called for 4 x 5 minutes swimming, 3 x 10 minutes biking, 3 x 10 minutes running. I elected not to use up a swimming pass on 20 minutes of splashing around and planned to use the exercise bike at my apartment gym for the biking. By the time I got home from work, I had a stomachache, but I headed over the apartment complex gym. Unfortunately the bike was broken. Since I was cutting it close to my dinner plans, I just went for the 30 minute run, speeding up for the end of each 10 minute segment and then stopping to stretch in between.

Tuesday: 15 minutes swimming, 22 minutes biking, 18 minutes running

After work I headed to the gym on East Campus at Duke to use up my final alumni pass for the year. Related – I wonder if I get a new set of 5 passes in January or next August (on an academic calendar)… I swam, I biked on a stationary bike (and was disgusted by how many people didn’t wipe their sweat off after their workout), and I ran around campus on the walking trail. A solid little triathlon evening.

Wednesday: 15 minutes easy swimming

Why I decided Monday’s swim wasn’t worth going to the pool but Wednesday’s was, I have no idea. I think my brain was seriously struggling this week.

Thursday: 20 minutes biking, 15 minutes running

Easy workout – I biked on my trainer while watching Modern Family and then headed outside for my run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 15 minutes biking, 12 minutes running

Eric and I drove down to Anderson on Saturday for the race! I’ll do a recap of the race/weekend, but everything was so calm and happy. I rode the first bit of the bike course and then racked my bike. After we drove the bike course, I went for a little jog on the first section of the run course. Then we met my parents for dinner and pre-race planning.

Sunday: 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles biking, 13.1 miles running

Sorry, I just had to type all of that out for myself. My first half-iron distance triathlon! I’ll get that recap up shortly…

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