Things I’ve Bought Because People Blogged About Them #7: Old Navy Active Pants and Capris

Last fall, a healthy living blog that I was reading regularly wrote a post in which Old Navy had given her a gift card of some amount to use on their Active line in exchange for her writing the post, and she blogged about her purchases. And it JUST SO HAPPENED to coincide with their 40% off of all Active wear sale. And I thought to myself, wow those clothes are pretty cute! And cheap! Then another blogger posted the same type of post, and then another, and another, and they all used the same hashtag. And suddenly I began to understand how those blogs work where they get free stuff through being part of a network of blogs. Still, cheap, cute workout clothes? I had to check it out. Yes, I knowingly gave in to their marketing scheme (that’s kind of the theme of these posts, FYI).

I ended up buying a few tank tops and a pullover that all got returned – it’s a bad habit of mine to buy, stare at the new clothes resting on top of my dresser for a few days, and then return them. But I kept these black pants (or something very similar) and capris like these but heather grey. And let me tell you, I LIVE in the black pants when it’s cool enough (and sometimes when it’s really not). They’re so comfortable, and sure, they’re not the same as lululemon, but they’re about a fifth of the price. For pants I’m going to wear to watch tv or go grocery shopping, I am more than ok with that trade-off. For me, they’re a great alternative when I want to be wearing yoga pants, but I feel a little uncomfortable just wearing leggings around.

As for the grey capris, I wore them once or twice to some Crossfit-style workouts, and they worked just fine, aside from the fact that grey shows sweat (when will I learn??) I’ve also worn them for yoga several times. Again, just fine. They’re certainly a sufficient and inexpensive alternative to the more expensive yoga brands, but when I compare them to my lululemon Wunder Unders, there’s just no comparison on how well they move with your body. I will say that the heather grey fabric feels very different (less flexible) from the solid black, so it may be that black capris would make me just as happy as the black pants do. For $20 or so, they’re worth trying.

Last year, I’m pretty sure ALL the blogs I read picked this pullover to purchase with their gift card.


Of course by the time I got to the store, they were sold out, as was the online store. Now it appears Old Navy has brought it back. I stopped by my local Old Navy, but they didn’t have it. I’m not sure if they just aren’t stocking it in stores, or if the stores don’t have it yet. I’m also not convinced that I need it, but I need to try it on to know for sure, you know? Also, can we talk about how excited I am for cooler temperatures?? Very.

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