Training Recap: 2 Weeks Until Rev3 Anderson

As the second to last week of training, this week was a step back in intensity and volume. I got plenty of sleep without any Breaking Bad to watch. At this point, I feel ready and excited for next Sunday’s race! This week, I got all my workouts in, but I took some liberties with the order due to my weekend schedule.

Monday: 30 minute easy run

This was supposed to be an off day, but since I’d already take Saturday and Sunday off while I was at my RRCA coaching certification class, I went for a very easy short jog.

Tuesday: 1400 yards swimming a.m.

The swim was fine, but I was supposed to do a 45 minute bike ride after work. For better or for worse, I was feeling really motivated to do my online test as the follow-up to the certification course, so I went straight home after work and started working on it. Then I was hungry and needed to dinner. At that point, I knew the ride wasn’t happening, but at least Mindy Project and New Girl come on Tuesday night, so I recorded them for Wednesday morning. And yes, I passed the test. One step closer to being a certified running coach!

Wednesday: 45 minute indoor ride a.m., 6.4 mile run p.m.

I enjoyed my TV shows from the trainer in the morning before work. After work, I finally made it back to Bull City Running’s group at Fullsteam. I hadn’t been in several weeks, so it was nice to catch up with people. Plus there are usually plenty of cute dogs and kids to make me smile!

Thursday: Off

Yep, I didn’t follow my plan this week… but at least I fit in a rest day somewhere.

Friday: 85 minute tempo run

Moved Sunday’s workout to Friday so I could move Saturday’s workout to Sunday. Definitely juggling these workouts to make them happen. It makes me a little worried for when Ironman training starts. I think I’ll have to clear my weekends for about 4 months (or more). Thankfully, my long runs have been going well, and I enjoy doing them before work. I end up finishing the last mile or so of my long runs while cars are lined up to drop their kids off at a nearby private school. There’s not much curb available, so I’m already running crookedly on the slanted grass/dirt, but on Friday, I ran straight into a huge spider web the was up between a tree and a mailbox. I leapt back immediately and did an elegant squirmy dance to get it off of me. I hope all the parents got a good laugh out of that.

Saturday: 60 minute ride

The final step for my coaching certification was to get certified in First Aid and CPR, so I spent my Saturday in a Red Cross class in Raleigh. The instructor was pretty funny, but he had a few too many horror stories of deaths that could have been avoided. When I got home, I rode on the trainer because a) since when is it 90 degrees in October, and b) the CPR/First Aid class made me feel like potential emergencies are everywhere, and riding near cars kind of freaked me out.

Sunday: 45 minute swim, followed by 95 minute bike

I swam in a campus pool so I could start before 12:30, and then I headed out for my ride. My legs are feeling quite rested, and I’m getting antsy for the race. I wanted to test out my race-day French-braided pigtails, but it turns out I can only do the right side on myself. Luckily my mom will be at the race to help me out!

I’ve spent the rest of the day planning and making lunches and dinners for the week, enjoying being in Durham for a whole weekend at the same time as Eric, and trying not to think about all the blog posts I meant to draft this weekend.

The next week of training is all short workouts to keep loose. I feel like I’ve been training for this race forever, but I also feel like it snuck up on me. Today Eric and I talked through my nutrition plan, and my mom made our dinner reservations for Saturday night. It’s all coming together!


Swim/Bike/Run nutrition and hydration, plus extras just in case. I’m not totally sure how well this plan will work.

And, I got an email on Friday that my wetsuit has shipped, so I’m not longer freaking out that I won’t have it in time. I ordered some new tri shorts, but the seams are still right where the edge of my seat hits the inside of my leg. This wouldn’t be a problem if I had a normal-shaped saddle, and I love my ISM Adamo Road, so I choose to blame the shorts. I think I’ll spend the next 11 months searching for a pair better suited to my saddle.

I’m hoping this week will be restful and accident-free. One week until race day!

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