Training Recap: Four Weeks until Rev3 Anderson

CAM00298 (1)

What a beautiful day – my view of I-85 for 6+ hours on Sunday

Eric and I traveled to Atlanta this weekend to attend his high school friend’s wedding. We stayed with my parents outside Atlanta since I needed to get some training done and figured swimming/biking/running would all go better in a familiar place. As promised, I convinced my mom to try the Greenola from my August Kona Kase. Her reaction: “Yeah, that tastes like kale.” She said she’d eat it, but I noticed it was still sitting on the counter where I left it on Friday…

Anyway, I was excited to get back to heavier training this week. As of now when I’m writing this recap [edit: I wrote this update in the car on Sunday – it’s now Tuesday night…], I have 3 weeks until race day. I’m not feeling particularly nervous about the race, but I don’t feel ready either. Hopefully it all comes together in the next three weeks so I can feel ready to crush this thing.

Monday: 2300 yard swim

The main set of this swim was 3 x 600 at increasing levels of effort for each one. 600 yards straight used to feel like SO far, but now I just count to 12 laps and it’s over. It’s nice to see a bit of progress.

Tuesday: 60 minute bike followed by 30 minute run

I felt like I hadn’t biked outside in a while, so I did this workout after work so I could. The weather was wonderful, and I felt totally fine running off the bike.

Wednesday: 90 minute tempo run

In contrast to the other long tempo runs I’ve done this training cycle, the up-tempo pieces were much shorter. This run was a 20 minute warm-up, 10 x (3 minutes tempo, 2 minutes recovery jog), 20 minute cool down. I wasn’t wearing a watch that shows my pace, but it felt easier to hold a measured pace for 3 minutes at a time rather than for 26 minutes at a time.

Thursday: 1400 yard swim

Relatively easy swim before work.

Friday: Off

Eric and I drove to Atlanta after work. And I finally wrote a review of my August Kona Kase.

Saturday: 8 x (4 minute run, 10 minute bike, 4 minute run)

My plan actually had these Saturday and Sunday workouts flipped, but Saturday was kind of rainy while the forecast for Sunday was beautiful. I figured running and biking on my trainer in the garage was better suited for a rainy day. This workout could’ve been really rough, but Eric ran with me on the condition that I gave him different body weight circuits to do while I biked. In the end, it was a lot of fun! I had a big fan going to keep me relatively cool, the radio turned to Car Talk (and then Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me), and a training partner. My parents live on a dirt trail that connects to a paved trail, so we just ran on that. Plus, my parents had gone to the farmers market and brought back breakfast pastries, so those contributed to the excellent day too.

Sunday: 40 minute swim followed by 90 minute bike

I swam in my town’s main lake/water reservoir, and my parents met me at the lake and we headed out for a 90 minute bike ride. It’s always a treat to ride with my parents – I’m thankful that we can all go out and ride whenever I’m home. Plus I don’t have to come up with or memorize a route because they know exactly where to go. I finished the workout hungry and disgusting from the lake. But since that swim was probably similar to the length and time my race swim will be, it was confidence-building. I’m getting pretty excited about this thing!

Not my picture (source), but pretty much what the lake looked like on Sunday.

When Eric and I were on the road back to Durham, we passed Anderson in the process!


See you soon, exit 19A!

This weekend once again proved to me how helpful it is to have parents and a boyfriend who not only accept that I will spend a few hours working out each day when I visit for a weekend, but also understand because they do that too and will join me. Even though we were in town for Eric’s friend’s wedding, we stayed with my family because it would be more convenient for my training, we didn’t head to Atlanta with a whole lot of extra time to hang out before the wedding because I was working out, and we didn’t hit the road home as early as we would have liked because, again, I was working out. I would’ve liked to have gotten up earlier each day, but both Friday and Saturday we got home around midnight, and it just didn’t happen. Having understanding friends and family is quite helpful right now.

My next week’s training schedule is a doozy, but I’m excited. Maybe after this week I’ll feel more ready for 6+ hours of working out!

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