Kona Kase (August) Review

A while back I saw this post on Fitness Fatale reviewing the subscription box Kona Kase, which provides samples of different nutrition products for endurance sports. I’ve seen plenty of reviews and chatter about BirchBox and other monthly product shipments, and while I’ve been intrigued, I just don’t think I’d care that much about getting new beauty products each month. But sports nutrition? While I’m training for my first half iron distance triathlon and looking to experiment with new fuels? Sign me up! I ordered a three month subscription using the discount code from Nicole’s post and received my first box in mid-August.


It’s here it’s here! Doesn’t everyone love getting deliveries?

Here is the “About” section from the Kona Kase website: “Every month, we deliver you top tier nutritional products to help you achieve their nutritional and fitness goals. Whether you simply want to learn to run a mile without passing out or you’re training for your third Ironman Triathlon, we’ve got you covered. We taste, we test, and we send only the best right to your door step. If we don’t love it, you don’t get it.” I was hoping to get some samples of different fuels I might actually use while training and find something new to love.


I am all about inspiration quotes, and this one now lives on my refrigerator door.


Here’s what was in the kase:

1. BioTrust Protein Cookie – Frosted Oatmeal Raisin flavor

2. QuestBar – White Chocolate Raspberry flavor

3. Lara Bar – Apple Pie flavor

4. Krave Beef Jerky – Chili Lime flavor

5. Rise Protein Bar – Honey Almond flavor

6. Justin’s Almond Butter

7. Greenola – Raisin Coconut flavor


Overall, I thought the case was just alright. I took a few photos of the opened products but definitely could have taken more. One day I’ll be a better blogger…


BioTrust Protein Cookie: Confession: I ate this cookie post-workout, while cooking dinner. As a quick snack when I felt like I was starving, sure, this was a good treat. It definitely would never replace real dessert for me, but if I were going for a day hike, I’d grab one or two for a filling snack.


Apple Pie Lara Bar: I’ve had Lara Bars before and wasn’t crazy about them, but when I ate this one before a short run, I loved it. Maybe I just hadn’t had this flavor before – I would totally pick this bar next time I need a healthy snack since they’re pretty commonly available in stores around here. I’m glad I changed my tune on this one!

Quest Bar: No picture, but this bar was not so great. I ate it before a post-work bike ride, and honestly it made my stomach hurt . It also tasted really fake. So, I will not be purchasing this bar in the future.

Krave Beef Jerky: I go through phases of eating vegetarian, but I’m currently in omnivore mode. Beef jerky is not a common snack for me, but this was delicious! Eventually the chili got to me, but it tasted great and seemed like better quality than your average gas station beef jerky.

Rise Protein Bar:  I’m a little sad I didn’t take a picture of this bar. The texture seemed a lot like nougat, and it tasted pretty true to the flavor (honey almond). I  was surprised by how small the bar was for the calories (over 200 I think?). Again, I ate this bar before a short run and it satisfied my hunger without being too filling. I’m not sure I’d buy this bar again, but it was good to try once.

Justin’s Almond Butter: Justin’s almond butter seems pretty popular on blogs, so I’d heard of the brand before. Almond butter hasn’t wowed me yet, but I haven’t tried this brand so maybe I’ll convert when I do.

Greenola: So this product is kale granola. I like kale chips and I definitely like granola, but I didn’t love the kale-based juice I had the first (and only) time I tried a fresh vegetable juice. I really WANT to be a person who loves kale in all forms, so I was excited to try this snack, but again, not a fan. Sigh. I like to try different vegetables, but I guess my palate just isn’t there yet. I’m staying at my parents’ for a wedding this weekend, so we’ll see if my mom will like it. She’s gotten pretty into trying different kinds of kale from the farmers market and might be a little more adventurous than I am.

I realize this review is kind of a downer, but instead I think I just had different expectations for what would be included. There were a few products I solidly didn’t like, a few I would buy again, and others I enjoyed but doubt I’d buy. I thought there would be more products to be used while working out, and I would only use the Lara Bar or the protein cookie while cycling. Others would be good for hiking, but I just haven’t been doing much long distance hiking lately, and even then, I’m not that into processed bars when I could be eating homemade trail mix or something.

I enjoyed trying new nutrition ideas, and I’ve already gotten my September box, and I’m very excited to try these products! One item is something I already really want to try but didn’t want to buy a full size package of it. I’ll report back in a more timely fashion this month!

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