Week 9: Recovery Week

This week, my training plan called for a recovery week of about 5 hours of workouts compared to 7-10 hours in the previous few weeks. The cut back in hours came at a perfect time – my mom came to visit for an evening, I got dinner with a co-worker’s girlfriend who just moved to the area, and I needed to take care of some things before Eric gets back from Hawaii (like get his car oil changed, headlight replaced, and washed after I drove it more than anticipated this summer as my car was having repairs done – such a good girlfriend) so not spending hours on the bike on Saturday and Sunday was conducive to getting all that done. I will say that even though I did all my workouts this week, I really felt like I wasn’t doing much at all, and I’m looking forward to the heavier training weeks ahead.

So without further ado, here’s what a recovery week looks like for me;

Monday: 1150 yards swimming a.m.

Nothing stressful. The chatty Cathy at the pool asked me how much he could pay me to do his laps for him. Umm lots if you want to make it worthwhile for me to miss my 9 a.m. meeting…

Tuesday: 30 minute run a.m., 30 minute stationary bike p.m.

I was supposed to do strides after my run but I forgot. After work, I wanted to get the most out of my 30 minutes of riding (so, not coasting down hills), so I decided to try out the stationary recumbent bike at my apartment complex’s gym. I definitely felt like one of those girls who reads magazines on the elliptical and calls it a workout. I rode the bike, with headphones in, reading blogs and news articles on my phone.

Wednesday: 1200 yards swimming a.m., 4 mile run p.m.

My plan called for 4 x 300 (300 easy, 300 kick, 300 easy, 300 pull). Let me just say, 300 yards of kicking is the worst. For all the running and cycling and soccer in my background, I would never describe my legs as “weak” but give me any distance over 25 yards of kicking, and I might as well have never run a day in my life.

My mom came to visit this week to return my car that my dad was having repaired at his preferred car shop at home, so she joined me for the Fullsteam run group. Then we headed out to Sushi Love for, duh, sushi! Yum. I have only gone to Sushi Love a few times since moving back to Durham, but I always love it.

Thursday: 30 minute indoor bike p.m.

Again, not wanting to waste time coasting down hills, I set up my bike on my trainer, pulled up a documentary on Netflix (The Business of Being Born), and settled in for 30 minutes of riding with a few 60-second accelerations. I work on a maternity care-related project at work, so this documentary caught my eye, and I definitely learned a few things. Our country’s history of providing maternity care leaves a lot to be desired.

Friday: 1000 yards swimming a.m.

This swim was a “time trial” by which you can judge your improvement over time. I hadn’t done a previous attempt, and I have no idea how to pace myself in a swim such that I’m confident I worked as hard as a could. Right now that doesn’t bother me, but maybe it should… I finished in 18:30, which was fine with me simply because it was less than 2 minutes per 100 yards, which I realize isn’t impressive in any way, but it was enough for me.

Saturday: 45 minutes biking

This ride was supposed to be done on Friday night to make Saturday a total rest, but I didn’t get to it right after work, and I decided to just do it in the morning. It drizzled the whole ride, but it was never too bad.

Also, I finally ordered a wetsuit! I’ve never done a race where I needed a wetsuit, and they’re expensive (what isn’t in the world of triathlon?), but at October’s Rev3 in Anderson I will certainly want one. I ordered an Xterra suit with discount code MDOT2013 that my mom saw online somewhere. The discount was more than half off, so I’m very glad I waited for a code instead of paying full price. Unfortunately the wetsuit I ordered is very popular (probably because it is the cheapest), so it’s on backorder until mid-September. I’m not too worried, assuming I get it in time for my mid-October race.

Sunday: 10k race effort

Ugh 10k is not my favorite distance to race. I really wish I could’ve found an actual 10k to run today, but a casual search turned up nothing, and I figured it was good mental practice. After a short warm up, I tried to pump myself up for the excitement of racing and then started my “race” using my Garmin as the distance judge. My pace was wildly inconsistent, which is not how I like to race. I can sort of blame it on the terrain (I started on roads and then moved to a hilly trail and then back to roads), but that’s just an excuse. I could also blame it on the fact that I haven’t been running much, and rarely with my Garmin, so I don’t know what effort I can sustain for 6.2 miles. Again, just an excuse. For transparency, my mile splits were: 7:02; 7:18: 7:48; 8:20; 7:58; 7:20. Not stellar. I’d like to find a road 10k and a road 5k to see what I can do if I race smarter.

I’m looking forward to the coming week. Eric comes home tomorrow, training picks back up, and I have some exciting projects at work. Plus the weather cooled down this weekend! Basically, life feels pretty good right now.

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