Week 12 Recap: First “official” training plan week

This was my first week following a structured training plan for this half Iron distance triathlon. I’m using this one from Beginner Triathlete. Eric is using the free full Ironman plan from that website for his current training, with a few tweaks so I hope it’ll be sufficient. I was looking forward to following at set plan, and this week did not disappoint. I started the plan at week 12, which is the first of 3 “theme” weeks focusing on each discipline, and this week’s focus was on swimming. I had never swam more than 2 or 3 times a week and never two days in a row, but swimming is the lowest impact sport of the 3, so I hoped it would be ok.

You can see the whole plan with details on the Web site, so I’m not sure how purposeful recounting each workout here is, so I’ll just list the total distance and type of workout.

Monday: 2450 yards swimming a.m., 75 minutes power yoga p.m.

This was a long swim, pretty standard, just following the plan. I ended up choosing a lane next to a (male) chatty Cathy, who I’ve swam next to before and had the same experience. I made a mental note to avoid a lane next to him again. I don’t mean to be rude, but if I’m swimming before work, I don’t really want to dawdle – I want to get in, do my workout, and get out. Is that rude?

I’d been meaning to try Bull City Yoga since I heard of it back in December or January, so when my friend suggested joining her on Monday evening, I was in! I’d actually put it on my 2013 goals list to try a class there. Your first class is free, and after that, classes are regularly $10 and $5 on Tuesdays. It’s a small studio with just two teachers, so they offer one class each weekday at 5:45pm and Saturdays at 10am. Normally 5:45pm would be a challenge for me to make it on time after work, but I spent Monday and Tuesday taking a professional development training off-site, so I was done earlier than normal. Win! The studio is kept warm but not hot, and I was definitely sweating (and smelling like chlorine).

At my chiropractor appointment last week, my chiropractor forced me to realize that my right hip is much much tighter than my left. I knew it had been hurting, but man, when he actually compared the flexibility of each side, I was amazed. He said that that tightness (and any unevenness) is likely contributing to my knee/IT band issues, so instead of working on strengthening my hip (which is what I thought I needed to do), he said I need to focus on flexibility. So this warm power yoga class, which focused on hip openers – yay! – was quite literally just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday: 1450 yards swimming a.m., 17 miles biking p.m.

This swim was shorter because it was a speed day. I started thinking I could be ok with swimming every morning – it’s a great start to the day. I’m falling more in love with swimming this summer.

After work, I rode my tri bike for the first time since before I went to Hawaii. I needed to get reacquainted in preparation for my triathlon coming up on Saturday. I had a not so fun encounter with a group of young/college male cyclists on road bikes who were taking up the lane while cycling pretty slowly. I asked to pass a few times, and they definitely heard me because they turned around and made eye contact and continued to hold their ground, so I was in a less than stellar mood for a bit on this ride. I’m not sure if it was because I’m a girl, or I was on a tri bike, or what, but I’m trying to let it go! (Actually I had forgotten until just now, and so I’m getting all angry again! One of my favorite phrases I’ve heard during a yoga class is “let go of what no longer serves you,” so I’m going to use that guidance now. Or in the immortal words of Lauren Conrad: “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.”)



Source. Why yes, I do take my life advice from The Hills.

Wednesday: 1600 yards swimming a.m., 30 minutes running p.m.

Another speed day at the pool. Still loving swimming.

Running with Bull City Running at Fullsteam. I moved the run from Thursday night (where it’s scheduled) to Wednesday so I could run with the group.

Thursday: 2550 yards swimming a.m.

A long day at the pool. The main set was 1750 yards straight, which was intimidating to me as I’m pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve swam without stopping. In the end it was totally fine, though I may have taken it a little easier effort than I should’ve. I think upping my effort on these longer swims is my next hurdle.

Friday: rest day!

Spent my evening realizing that I had a race to do the next day!

Saturday: RACE DAY and volunteering at the Bull Moon Ride and Run

I will write a separate race recap, but spoiler: I accomplished a lot of my goals!

I considered running the 5k at Bull Moon Ride and Run, but I decided to volunteer instead, as a way of thanking the volunteers for supporting me in my race that morning. The race seemed like a lot of fun – everyone ran with glow sticks and flashing lights and bright clothes. I hung out at a corner with a police man, directing traffic (him) and runners (me). I actually don’t think I’d ever spent an hour talking with a policeman, and of course he was very chill. Fun anecdote: apparently whenever he has to direct traffic around an accident, he spends more time giving people directions to get home a different way than anything else. He told me I should always know at least 3 routes home from work. Luckily I’ve got that covered.

Sunday: 60 minute yoga, 3450 yards swimming

Lululemon yoga community class never disappoints. As usual, the clothes were tempting as well. I usually meet up with a couple friends for yoga, and any day we walk out without buying anything is a small success.

So this swim. Let’s talk about it. A week or two ago I swam 2700 yards and that was the further I’d swam before. I’m sure to anyone who was on a swim team growing up, I sound ridiculous, but each new PDR (personal distance record) in swimming is exciting for me. The main set of today’s workout was 4 x 750 yards. In my triathlon on Saturday, the swim portion was 750 yards. Today I had to do that four times!

After yoga and grocery shopping, I headed over to a nearby outdoor pool. I usually swim in the mornings before work, so I use the pool most convenient for that, but since it’s the weekend I went wild and drove to a pool that’s not convenient to work so I could enjoy the gorgeous weather. Sunday Funday, right? Luckily one of my yoga buddies also swims, so she joined me (thanks, Lindsay!)

My back had been hurting since Thursday, and yoga hurt more than it helped, so I was worried going into the swim. After a whiney text (or two) to Eric, I hopped in the pool to get on with my workout. I shared a lane with a lovely woman who swims for exercise and mental health (her words!) after a stroke a few years ago. At one point a man jumped in our lane from the opposite end of the pool and started sort of swimming in the middle of the lane. It was strange, and I don’t really know what he was thinking. He later said to me he figured we could just circle swim, but honestly I think it was pretty clear that the three of us were going different speeds, and there was room for him to swim elsewhere. The woman sharing my lane just got out and sat on the pool deck until he finished doing his thing. As she said, “I swim for mental health, and I don’t need anyone making me feel mentally unhealthy.” A good attitude we could all adopt.

Once again, the swim was not as scary as I thought it’d be, and my back didn’t get worse throughout the swim. My pace was consistent, which again makes me think I need to up the effort!

So that was my week in training! This “theme” week concept was interesting and new to me. I like swimming, and it’s not too time-consuming, so I’m curious about the biking week (next!) and a little concerned about the running week if my knee keeps giving me trouble. Regardless, I hope I can continue to find The Hills or Laguna Beach GIFs that are relevant.

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