Back from Maui – 13 Weeks to Go!

This week I learned that jet lag is for real, especially travelling east for a difference of 6 hours. Do you know how difficult it is to wake up at 7am when your body thinks it’s 1am? Really freaking difficult. But it pales in comparison to trying to fall asleep at 10pm when your body thinks it’s 4pm. So the second half of this week has been a struggle, sleep-wise. Sigh. However, I had some great workouts in Hawaii and tried to get back on track once returning to Durham.

Monday: 50 minute run in Wailea

From where we were staying in Kihei, I was able to run down the beach a bit and then hop on a paved path that wound along the shore between the beach and the beautiful resorts of Wailea. It was a narrow but popular path, so I’m sure I wasn’t super speedy on this run as I tried to be polite to the other walkers/runners, but I enjoyed checking out all the nice resorts. Eventually the path ended and I was running down a street of fancy houses. I really wish I’d had my camera with me – they were gorgeous!

Tuesday: 2700 yard swim, 30 minute run

I had time to fill while Eric was at work, so I figured I’d go swim a bit later in the day to break things up. After reading on the beach for a bit (go read Little Bee!), I headed to the pool. Thankfully it was set up as 25 yards instead of 50 meters. Whew. Unfortunately while I had been overzealous with the sunscreen all week (Eric and I used up a whole spray can of it in the week I was there!), I completely neglected to consider how exposed my back would be for the hour-ish I was at the pool. Cue painful sunburn that continues to plague me with itchiness today. Maybe I don’t want an outdoor pool after all… Swimming makes me feel good about myself because sometimes I’ll go into the pool telling myself I can “just” do 1600 yards if I’m not feeling it, but then I feel better as the workout goes on and finish the full workout. I’m pretty sure 2700 yards might be the furthest I’ve ever swam!

After eating and reading on the beach for a while more (in the shade this time to preserve whatever was left unburned on my back), I decided I ought to try a 30 minute run in the heat of the day. It was hot, but I figured I hadn’t really done two workouts any day of my trip, I had plenty of time, and when else do you get to run at 2 in the afternoon while rest of the [mainland] country is a work? Not to worry, I doused myself in sunscreen this time and wore a visor. As anticipated, the run was hot, but I survived. I don’t think I’ll be doing any races in Death Valley though.

Wednesday: Rest/Travel Day

I left Maui late Tuesday night and had to connect through LAX and Dulles to get home. I had a scary connection in Dulles because my flight from LAX left about an hour late and we got off the plane after my next flight was scheduled to leave. As I hurried through the terminals, the signs were all saying my flight home had closed, but I went to the gate anyway. They reopened the door for me (I didn’t know that was allowed!) and then that flight also sat at the gate for about an hour. I’d have been annoyed normally, but that delay saved me from waiting 4 hours until the next (and last) flight back to RDU.

Thursday: 10 mile bike ride with Luna Chix

Of course it is still rainy in Durham. I chose to go to the group ride over going the the grocery store, because that’s what a responsible adult does, right? Anyway, it started raining on my way home/to the ride, but I figured if they were still riding, I might as well too. Thankfully we had probably 15 women show up who were of the same mindset! Instead of the normal 22 mile Intermediate ride, everyone did the 10 mile Social ride. It was rainy and I was a bit out of sorts from all the travel, so this ride was useful to just get back in the routine of home. Remind me again why vacations have to end?

Friday: 45 minute run

I ran in the middle of the day, which meant I basically sprinted the whole time because I felt naughty “sneaking” out for a run during lunch even though it’s totally allowed. Again, I got rained on.

Saturday: 8 mile run

I woke up planning to do a long ride, but after a couple hours of on and off rain plus a sunny forecast for Sunday, I pushed off the ride and got in a longer run instead. New lesson learned: I cannot run on the same breakfast I ride on – oatmeal with banana, pecans, and brown sugar. Even after waiting a while, my stomach felt heavy and full. I’ll stick with my toast, pb, and banana before runs in the future. Also, it rained on me. Notice a theme here?

Sunday: 80 mile ride

Thankfully, no rain today! Instead it was quite hot. If my last long ride was full of turtles and caterpillars, today’s ride was full of butterflies and other flying insects. I also accidentally rode over a small green garden snake. I hope and assume he was fine, but I didn’t realize he was there until it was too late. So much wildlife out there! Also, while I was riding alone for about 5 hours, I don’t think I ever went more than 10-15 minutes without seeing another cyclist or group of cyclists. And unlike runners around here, all the cyclists wave to each other when passing in opposite directions or exchange friendly verbal greetings when passing from behind. I love it. To add to the excitement of the day, I discovered water fountains perfectly placed a little over halfway through my regular route.Thank goodness because I was almost out of water and very close to just Google mapping the closest gas station. If you were wondering how it’s possible to ride 80 miles without seeing a gas station, please join me for a ride in semi-rural North Carolina.

This week I hope to get back on my normal sleep schedule (oops it’s already 10:45 so I’m late getting to bed!) and back to normal workouts. My parents are coming up this weekend to visit and do a century ride with me. I’ve always done organized rides solo and made friends along the way, so it’ll be fun and relaxing to hang out with my parents and enjoy the time together. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Just for fun, here are two Obama bottle openers I saw at a craft/gift market in Kihei, because of course:


Ukulele Obama


Surfer Obama

And finally, the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever tasted:


Hot and fresh out of the oven. I even had to put my name on a waitlist for it.

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