Links I’m Loving Right Now


Whenever I come across something interesting online, I love to share with a friend who would understand and appreciate the message or whatever it is. Similarly, I love when people share links with me that I’ll enjoy. Along that vein, if you’re reading this blog, maybe you’ll find these links interesting as well!

1. You know I love the Tour de France, and Shane Ryan of Grantland explains why we all should in an approachable way here. For more, here is his realization of its awesomeness last year.

2. Many, if not all, women have received unwanted attention while running. None of us enjoy it. Fit and Feminist writes an open letter to a man who followed her on her bike.

3. Caption: “I think my husky is missing the point of her crate.”

4. Adoptable puppies at the Durham Animal Protection Society because who doesn’t love videos of puppies playing?

5. I’m working on a project at work that relates to maternity care (it’s far more complicated than I ever knew), and I recently read The Defining Decade, which has a chapter encouraging women in their twenties to factor their plans for babies into their other life decisions. At age 25, babies are not something I’m focused on at all, but I certainly have career plans and graduate school plans that will be important to me throughout the next many years of my life and will influence plans for any children I might one day hope to have. But this article takes a closer look at what research has really shown about women’s fertility and age.

6. If you sign up, this website sends monthly (?) or biweekly (?) emails with links to the most recent or most popular articles. Clearly I don’t know how often I get them, but not so often that I’m annoyed, that’s for sure. I try to be smart about finances and these articles keep me thinking. Sometimes they aren’t particularly relevant to me, but the general messages are useful. Plus one day I assume I’ll want to buy a house, so hopefully I’m filing away useful tidbits for the future.

7. I prefer to be up early and get non-work things done in the morning before work, and I do my best work early in the office before most people are there yet. Maybe 4am would be even better though.

8. This article reminds me of a conversation I’ve had many times with one of my best friends from college. Our conversations focused on whether people deserved to be happy all the time (pretty sure we decided no, you should be content and be thankful when you do experience happiness), and I like this quotation a lot: “Focusing on happiness as our ultimate goal is self-defeating; being in a constant state of happiness is, simply put, impossible.” Also the topic relates to my blog title!

9. I am a big fan of athletic power couple Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman. They’re both engaging writers (they’ll tweet links to their articles on various platforms like Runner’s World and their own blogs) and (clearly) very talented endurance athletes.

10. Lessons learned from his first 80 years. Currently trying to take these to heart.

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