A Tuesday List

1. Greek yogurt has been a weekday staple for me for probably at least the last two years. I’ve switched from Chobani with fruit or honey to FAGE with fruit or honey to whichever brand I can find a medium-sized tub of first, and then I mix it with fruit or honey (surprise). And now I feel guilty thanks to this Modern Farmer article. Sigh.

2. Last night I went for a run, and several cars were stopped to let a large family (or several families – there were 6 adults and lots of babies) of geese cross the street. It was sweet. Of course when I passed the geese, the adults all hissed at me. Less sweet.

3. Lately I have been enjoying popcorn drizzled with chocolate, inspired by my senior year college roommate, Emily. I even bought an old-fashioned popcorn popper. Anddd I eat it with a spoon to keep my fingers clean. Yes, I know, I am very wise.

4. Eric and I got our friends a slow cooker from their registry for their wedding a couple weeks ago. They haven’t owned one before, so I’m compiling my favorite recipes for a starting point. Sadly the list isn’t as long I’d hoped. Any suggestions?

5. I’m short on time for dinners after evening workouts, but I recently discovered this delicious and easy combo and have been enjoying it more nights than not: quinoa, black beans, scrambled egg, and half an avocado. I cook up a pot of quinoa for the week, and then each night I just have to microwave the quinoa and beans, scramble the egg, and top with avocado!

6. Rain storms seem to choose Tuesday and Thursday evenings lately. My post-work cycling plans are not impressed. I’m hoping for a successful pre-work ride tomorrow instead.

7. Last summer I went to Alaska. This summer I’m going to Hawaii (in 2 weeks! Eric is there for the summer). For some reason that’s hilarious to me.

8. I bought this candle from Target, but the truth is, it just does not fill the room with lovely smells the way the ones from Anthropologie do. Target rarely disappoints me, so I’ll forgive them just this once.


9. Howww do bloggers come up with these lists? Seriously I have been mentally cataloguing these thoughts since… yesterday to fuel this post. I was aiming for 10 but I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

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