A Self-imposed Step-back Week

After two weeks of my “get back to it” attitude, I needed a break last week. Coincidentally, my need for a break coincided with my transition back to being a non-gym-goer (nice, right?) and with several life/work/weather events that made training a little more difficult. And thus, I declared it a step-back week during which I could focus on other things besides training.

Monday: 3 easy miles after my parents left early in the morning

Tuesday: 1800 yards/meters (still need to check on that…) swimming in the morning; I wanted to ride my bike after work but decided it was best to spend some extra time in the office. Plus it was probably raining.

Wednesday: 6.4 miles after work with Bull City Running. Not the best run, but I had a special visitor that night! My friend Laura stayed with me on her drive from Virginia to Georgia for her WEDDING this weekend! I enjoyed hearing some of the behind the scenes details of wedding prep and catching up on life in general. She was so calm and collected for just a few days before her wedding, which didn’t surprise me, but still very impressive.

Thursday: Total rest day. I planned to ride with the Luna Chix women after work, but a pretty intense rain storm cancelled those plans. Plus I had some packing to do!

Friday: Another total rest day. Friday after work I flew to Atlanta to attend Laura’s wedding! In the sprit of transparency, I was really only attending the wedding because of Eric. The groom was one of his best friends from high school, and Eric was a groomsman in the wedding. Laura and her now husband (!) also lived in Durham for about year, which overlapped with my time back in Durham and allowed me to get to know both of them better. They are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so happy for them.

Saturday:  Eric and I drove to a trail in Atlanta along the Chattahoochee River, and I ran about 5 miles. While I waited back at the parking lot for Eric to finish his longer run, I saw a woman with a tri bike refilling her water bottle. She was wearing a Soas tri kit, which I keep reading/seeing on blogs and in real life (for example, at my mom’s race the prior weekend), so I asked her how she felt about it. Her response was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the fact that the shorts are comfortable (no chafing/blistering) for very long rides. So now I want one of their kits even more. Great.

The wedding was later that afternoon, so dancing at the reception totally counts as a second workout right??


We clean up nice, don’t we? (Apologies for the blurry pic. I was experimenting with settings on my camera and clearly this one is a dud.)

Sunday: Another total rest day as I spent the entire day in transit from Atlanta to my parents’ house, to the airport, waiting at the airport for Eric’s flight back to Maui and then through several delays for my own, and finally getting back home, unpacking, and going to the grocery store. Very exciting.

So there you have it. The opposite of my prior two weeks. Still not what I consider an “average” week of training for me, but definitely reflective of what happens sometimes.

This week I’m trying to be more balanced and disciplined with my training, in what I hope will be a manageable training volume and schedule. So far so good, as long as the rain stays away!

P.S. am I going crazy or is Cece from New Girl a judge on So You Think You Can Dance now??

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