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15 Weeks to Go and the Tour de France!

Nothing says summertime like a DVR full of Tour de France stages. I suppose baseball games and pool time are also very summery, but man I enjoy watching the Tour every summer. I admit I don’t really pay attention to … Continue reading

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I’m a Morning Exerciser

And it’s time to stop working against myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Wednesday night group runs and my Thursday night cycling group. The running group in particular is a great mid-week treat, and it’s the time … Continue reading

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16 Weeks to Go, and a New Saddle!

I’ve decided to start labeling each weekly recap with how many weeks are left until the half-Iron distance triathlon I’m training for. I really ought to sign up for that soon… Anyway, this week was another successfully balanced week of … Continue reading

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A Tuesday List

1. Greek yogurt has been a weekday staple for me for probably at least the last two years. I’ve switched from Chobani with fruit or honey to FAGE with fruit or honey to whichever brand I can find a medium-sized … Continue reading

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A Lovely Week of Training and Not So Lovely Bike Fit Issues

Last week I took a step back on my training after two harried weeks (not that I am in the midst of intense or even real training right now), and I hoped that this week would be better. And it … Continue reading

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A Self-imposed Step-back Week

After two weeks of my “get back to it” attitude, I needed a break last week. Coincidentally, my need for a break coincided with my transition back to being a non-gym-goer (nice, right?) and with several life/work/weather events that made … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Racing

I didn’t blog about any goals or plans for it, but I ran an 8k on Saturday! It was a great local race called Running of the Bulls, put on by our local running store (Bull City Running). The course … Continue reading

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