Training to Train

Last week I commented to Eric that I felt like I was just waking up, working out, working, working out, repacking for the next day, sleeping, and then repeating all over again. With a lot of eating mixed in there too. Not commenting in a complaining way, just in a “time to get used to a new schedule” way. Eric’s response was something along the lines of, yeah the first few weeks of a training cycle are really just about training to train, getting used to going through the motions. And that’s precisely where I am right now – just getting into the rhythm.

I don’t know much about triathlon training beyond doing enough of each discipline to get across the finish line for a sprint or international distance race, especially when it comes to swimming and how to build up properly, but I do know that I’m 19 weeks out from my goal 70.3 race (that I haven’t actually financially committed to yet…) and I’m already swimming the distance (approximately and not continuous) and have biked the distance (last weekend and also not continuous – one of my favorite things about charity rides is the rest stops with chips and PB&Js). My longest run each week is about 7 miles, but again, do I need 5 months to add 6 miles to that? Doubtful.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a few other goals before the 70.3, including finishing at least one century (100 miles) ride, so I’m spending more time cycling than I’d probably need to otherwise. I figure it can’t hurt, and since I rarely (um twice ever) ride my time trial/triathlon bike because the saddle and I do not get along, I plan to use this summer to put some more miles on it and get the saddle issues resolved.

But anyway, one evening last week after I had unpacked from the day and repacked for the next one, I chuckled at how much like my father I am. Some background: my dad used to work on the north side of Atlanta, and my parents live on the south side. His commute home each day was usually an hour and half to two hours of sitting in traffic. But on the way up in the morning, he’d leave at 4:30am (or something absurd), get to work in 45 minutes, and then run and work out at his office’s gym. Each night he would pack his car with his gym bag and work clothes, and he’d set out his breakfast/lunch box with any non-refrigerated stuff, and his refrigerated things would be all ready to go on one shelf in the fridge. Without even realizing it, I’ve copied him to a T, aside from actually putting things in my car, but I’ll blame that on not wanting to walk outside to my car in my pajamas.


From left to right last Tuesday night: gym shoes to put on for a.m. spin class, work bag, clothes and running shoes for p.m. group run, work laptop, shoes for work, shoes for shower, gym bag with shower stuff and work clothes. Not sure why the shoes aren’t in the gym bag, but the shower shoes were probably drying from the pool that morning. Not pictured: the gym clothes I’m sure I laid out the night before.


Non-refrigerated things: banana, oats, and brown sugar and pecans for breakfast and homemade snack mix for lunch.


And refrigerated things: turkey and cheese, carrots, broccoli, Greek yogurt, blueberries for yogurt, and something that I don’t remember/can’t identify, which freaks me out. Also, proof that leftover containers of all sizes are useful.

So now you know what I ate basically every day for the past two weeks, though sometimes I throw an apple in there, and I usually leave the broccoli for “tomorrow” and the next day and the next day… Everything is set out the night before. And I have a very specific system of what goes in each bag and within each compartment of each bag. I’m sure that’s what most people do, but then sometimes I think of how people must exist who would throw everything together in the morning and it pains me.

This morning I did an easy 3 mile run from home before work, and I realized how much I look forward to my little Friday runs because, embarrassingly, it’s the only time I don’t drive to work out (aside from a bike ride or two on the weekends, and even then I plan to meet up with a group for at least one of those rides) and I don’t have to pack any changes of clothes.

So, happy Friday y’all!

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One Response to Training to Train

  1. Amanda says:

    I know what you mean. When I was running at the gym this winter, I was showering there, eating breakfast at work, and I had to make sure I had lunch, work clothes, etc. It was rough, and I wasn’t even training for a 70.3! I can’t imagine doing it all the time. Good for you doing a 70.3 🙂

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