My Get Back To It Week

So I joined a gym this week. We already talked about that. Last Saturday, before I joined the gym, I was contemplating the future of my blog, not totally convinced it was something I wanted to make time for a few times a week. So, I made up a challenge for myself: take a picture of every workout I do this week and then write up a very basic post, listing each workout. I know that’s not the most exciting thing to read, but I don’t take many pictures and this would force me to be more cognizant of picture-taking opportunities. This week was not a normal week of workouts for me: in addition to new gym classes, I kicked off my own unofficial summer triathlon training, joined a new group ride on Thursday, and then did an organized 55 mile ride today as a fundraiser for the MS Society. Here goes:

Sunday: run, yoga, spin

sunday run

5 easy but very humid and slightly muddy miles

sunday yoga 2

lululemon yoga with Lindsay. We got there and discovered it was partner yoga. It’s not something I would have sought out on my own, but it was actually really neat!

wednesday am spin

Spin class at the gym. I know, 3 workouts in one day is a lot for me, but I figured I could try out the gym and get their joining spiel while not in a rush for work or very hungry for dinner.

Monday: strength

body pump monday

BodyPump after work with Lindsay. This was my first BodyPump class, and it was pretty fun! My arms were definitely burning by the end. I had to watch the instructor closely, but it wasn’t too hard to follow.

Tuesday: swim, strength

tuesday am swim

I’m not proud of the fact that I’m posting this picture for the world wide web, but now you know what I look like when I go swimming! I’m just getting into the rhythm of going to the pool two mornings a week, so today I swam about 1700 yards (maybe meters… the pool website says the pool is 25 yards by 25 meters so I don’t really understand which is the distance I’m swimming).

[Pretend there is a photo here that looks similar to the BodyPump one above, but with a resistance band and some dumbbells…]

H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) after work with Lindsay. Ok so I failed to get a picture of this workout, whoops. This class was really difficult for me to follow. It was a strength workout set to music, and the instructor kept it quite lively (as I suppose you might expect from the class name). We moved rapidly from dancing/lunges to movements with weights to jumping over a resistance band, to doing ab things on a balance ball. But again, by the end my arms and legs were feeling it.

Wednesday: spin, run club

[Repeat Sunday’s spin picture]

Spin class before work with Lindsay. It was an early alarm to make it to a 6am class on time, but as usual, it was worth it. Again, no picture, but really, it’d be exactly the same anyway.

run club rainbow

7 miles after work with Jess and the Fullsteam/Bull City Running run club. During our run, there was a very light and brief rain, more like a mist really. And when we finished the run, we were treated to this gorgeous rainbow. Serious #durhamlove

Thursday: swim, ride, run

thursday swim

This is my pool and I love it. Even though it’s 25 yards (or meters) and I have to pay quite a bit to swim here because I’m not an Orange County (Chapel Hill) resident, it’s worth it. I remembered this week how often I would show up to my pool in DC (free to DC residents, long course) in the mornings and it wouldn’t be open. All the swimmers, pool runners, and lifeguards would wait a while and people would slowly trickle up to the door and others would give up and trickle home. It was frustrating. The gentleman who checks people in at this Chapel Hill pool is always really friendly, and I kind of want to thank him for always being there on time. This time I swam 1800 yards (now I really want to ask if it’s yards or meters next time), in a “pyramid” of 200-300-400-400-300-200.

bike pic

I discovered a Thursday evening ride near my office and home, put on by Luna Chix, an all-women group that promotes cycling. They rotate locations, but for this one, they offered a “social” ride of about 10 miles and an “intermediate” ride of 19 miles. I did the intermediate ride and got to chat with a few really nice women, a couple of whom are triathletes and swim at the same pool as me. I was already questioning if I’d stick with the gym membership, and the relative ease with which I was able to fit in 19 miles after work and talk to some women didn’t do much to help the gym’s case. After the ride, one of the triathlete women invited me to go on a short run with her. Luckily I had packed gym clothes (including running shoes) in case of rain, so I happily joined her. And that’s how I got in my first brick of the season.

Friday: run

No picture, but an easy 3 mile run around the neighborhood. My legs were pretty heavy from the week, but they felt better as I went.

Saturday: cycling


56 miles of gorgeous (hilly) country roads with my new pal Ken. I drove out to Hillsborough near Maple View Farm to participate in Springfest, a fundraising ride for the MS Society. When we rolled out, a bunch of men took off, and I found myself riding near a man with whom I rode and chatted the rest of the way. When we introduced ourselves, Ken said he hadn’t been riding much lately, but today was his “get back to it day.” I thought that was a nice way to phrase what this week has been for me, hence the blog title. I really wish I could’ve taken more pictures of the ride because it was so beautiful, but I didn’t know how my riding buddy would feel about that. Now I’m planning to go do the route again on my own sometime so I can take a few pictures. The one thing we stopped for was these dogs because we both thought they were pretty neat and quite unexpected.

5 dogs

I think these are Great Pyrenees but I’m not sure. They were hanging out with some goats.

Unfortunately, I finally ran over a squirrel with my rear wheel. I’ve always known this day would come, and I didn’t look behind me to see the result, but judging from how much I had to work to stabilize my bike after impact, it probably didn’t end well for the squirrel. Ken assured me I didn’t have any guts on my wheel and then asked if I want to turn around to see it. Eek, no thanks. At the end of the ride, we were treated to vanilla and some kind of berry ice cream from Maple View Farms. Not gonna lie, the website for the ride mentioned the ice cream, and that pretty much secured for me that paying to ride 56 miles was far superior to riding about that distance on my own for free. I thought to take a picture of the ice cream, but it was too late by that point. Yummy in my tummy.

So that’s my “get back to it” week: 2 swims, 2 strength workouts, 2 spin classes, 2 real bike rides, and 3 runs plus the little brick jog. Also I was hungrier than normal. Go figure. Whew.

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3 Responses to My Get Back To It Week

  1. kla2222 says:

    Dang girl! You put it in a lot of work this week, but it sounds fun. Also I want Maple View Farms.

  2. Caroline says:

    I have nothing constructive to contribute, but reading this made me want to take a nap.

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