I Joined a Gym!

This is big news you guys. For the first time ever, I’m a member of a gym, and I have the key tag to prove it. I did use the gym in college for the spin classes and the occasional treadmill run or weight lifting session, but since I didn’t have to pay extra (thanks student activity fees) or commit to anything, I’m not counting that.

Normally, swimming, biking, and running provide plenty of workout options, and as I’ve said before, magazines and the internet have PLENTY of at-home strength training options. However, since a certain someone went to Hawaii for a summer internship, I have more free time and needed a way to both fill my time and interact with more people. That is, all my solo workouts and at-home training weren’t exactly cutting it.

A friend of mine goes to this gym, and I trust her opinion because she tried some others in the area first. So, yesterday I signed up for a free pass, got a tour of the gym, discussed membership options, and went to a spin class. They were having a promotion for a much-discounted registration fee (though I assume gyms have those a lot), so I went ahead and joined on a month-to-month basis. The only difference between 12 month and month-to-month was the registration fee, and I decided especially with the discount, I’d rather have the freedom to stop whenever I want. I’m not totally convinced that gym-going is for me, and May 2014 seems like a really long time away.

Anyway, I’m excited! The gym is more or less between my work and home (imagine an equilateral triangle), so it should be pretty convenient. They don’t have a pool, so I’ll have to renew my pool pass to the community pool, but that’s fine. I mostly joined to do spin and other classes (they have the Les Mills classes, which I don’t know much about, but have at least heard of) to work out with other people. In addition to the treadmills and weight machines, they also have a functional training area with boxes for box jumping, medicine balls, and other things to do CrossFit-esque workouts if I want to copy those on my own. So we’ll see.

At what point do you become a “gym rat”? Because I’d like to avoid that…

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