Things I’ve Bought Because People Blogged About Them #6: Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie II

For awhile I’d been on the lookout for a fitted, cute athletic jacket/hoodie. I kept looking at jackets from different yoga/athletic wear stores and just couldn’t fall in love with any of them, especially for a pretty steep price. Then one day I somehow ran across Hungry Runner Girl’s blog post about the Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie II. I’m still not sure how I got to her blog, as I’m not sure I had seen it before, but she and her family are super adorable, so Brooks clearly picked a winner with her. I didn’t immediately buy the jacket, but I kept it in mind and then came across it at my local running store one day and had to try it on.

As for the jacket, it is wonderful and I love it. Seriously. I bought it in purple from the local running store, but right now the purple and a few other colors are on sale on Brooks’ website. For reference, I usually wear a small in tops (occasionally a medium), and the small in this jacket fits well. The medium was just looser than I wanted it to be. It’s made for running in 40 degrees and below, but I usually like to wear fewer layers than are generally recommended when I run, so I definitely bought this jacket knowing I wouldn’t run in it as much as I would wear it to and from cold runs or races or just hanging out on the weekend. Honestly it’s the most comfortable jacket I own, and during the winter I pretty much lived in it on the weekends.


Are you supposed to smile for selfies? I tried not smiling, but then I look mad, and I’m not mad, I’m in love with my jacket!

As for neat features, it has a handy iPod/phone pocket on the inside that’s lined with some sort of plastic so you can see the screen but won’t sweat on your phone. The jacket also has a little loop higher to your head so you can thread your headphone cord through there to keep it under control. I don’t typically run with music but it’s nice to know I could.


Perhaps I should’ve actually put my phone in the pocket for demonstration, but I think you can imagine what it might look like.

I did wear the jacket for one 18 mile run during Boston training, on a day that was chilly but clear and I was dragging a bit getting out the door and hoped some music could inject some pep in my step. Aside from when my Pandora app picked a song I despise but I didn’t want to stop to get the phone out and change it, the jacket functioned wonderfully. The fit is tight enough that my phone wasn’t bouncing around. The thumb holes in the sleeves are fun and useful (aren’t they always). I will say that my boyfriend thinks I look silly when I put the hood up, just because it’s fitted and therefore different from normal hoodies (plus my ponytail is very short, which doesn’t help), but I appreciated the hood while I was running and have definitely used it when I wear the jacket out in the cold.

Overall, a great purchase and a great new blog to follow!

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