Post-Boston: What’s Next?

Finishing Boston was my priority for so long, and now that that’s over, I’m excited to focus on something else. And since my injuries seem to be staying pretty quiet (with consistent foam rolling and strengthening exercises), I finally feel confident that I can make some plans and fully commit myself to training. While I do want to run a fast marathon and re-qualify for Boston someday, this summer/fall is still too soon for me to trust my wonky knee and foot to hold up to a higher volume of running, so a fall marathon is off the table.

Instead, I’m revisiting the plans I had for 2012 before I got injured. My plan was to do a half-Iron distance triathlon in 2012 and then do a full in 2013. I had even mapped out all the shorter races and rides I’d do along the way. Best laid plans, right?

I haven’t actually registered for anything yet for 2013, but my main goal is a fall half-Iron distance triathlon (also called a 70.3 for the number of miles involved – 1.2 swimming, 56 biking, 13.1 running), probably the Rev3 Anderson race in October. I chose this race for a few reasons: 1) I LOVE riding my bike(s) in the summer, so I want to spend the summer doing long rides on the weekends; 2) it’s within driving distance, though it will require a hotel stay; 3) I hear great things about Rev3 races; and 4) it’s a weekend that Eric and I are both free. Between weddings, summer travels, conferences, and Eric’s Ironman in Wisconsin, our weekends in August-September are pretty booked. I’ll do at least one shorter triathlon before the half, probably no more than two though.

My trusty steeds miss me. And are collecting an unfortunate amount of dust.

My trusty steeds miss me. And are collecting an unfortunate amount of dust.

Another goal is to do two century rides this year. So far I’ve only found one within an hour drive of Durham before the half-Iron (the Velo4Yellow), so I’ll focus on longer rides leading up to that in July. I may end up doing the Habitat for Humanity ride in late October in Durham again just for convenience to complete the goal, though if I can find another before October, I’d rather do that for a solid training ride than coast on whatever fitness I have left over from triathlon training.

I hope my summer will be full of long bike rides, short-ish painless runs, and enough swimming to get me through 1.2 miles of open water in October! I really wish I had an outdoor pool to swim laps, but aside from sneaking into the Central Campus pool at Duke, I’m not sure what options I have. Something to look into, I suppose.

Ok, I lied when I said I wasn’t registered for anything. I’m signed up for the Running of the Bulls 8k in Durham at the beginning of June because it’s a great local race and I figure it can be a speed workout, or something like that. Mostly it looks like a lot of fun!

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