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Training to Train

Last week I commented to Eric that I felt like I was just waking up, working out, working, working out, repacking for the next day, sleeping, and then repeating all over again. With a lot of eating mixed in there … Continue reading

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So this is awkward… I quit the gym

Lesson #1 in hey what you write on the internet stays on the internet (just kidding about Lesson #1, I assume I’ve learned that lesson from facebook and twitter already). I publicly announced to the whole internet (because yes I … Continue reading

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My Get Back To It Week

So I joined a gym this week. We already talked about that. Last Saturday, before I joined the gym, I was contemplating the future of my blog, not totally convinced it was something I wanted to make time for a … Continue reading

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I Joined a Gym!

This is big news you guys. For the first time ever, I’m a member of a gym, and I have the key tag to prove it. I did use the gym in college for the spin classes and the occasional … Continue reading

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Can you run a race without “racing” it?

On Wednesday evenings, I go to a group run at Fullsteam in Durham. Getting there requires me to leave a little early from work and drive right past my apartment on the way, but ever since I committed to going … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Bought Because People Blogged About Them #6: Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie II

For awhile I’d been on the lookout for a fitted, cute athletic jacket/hoodie. I kept looking at jackets from different yoga/athletic wear stores and just couldn’t fall in love with any of them, especially for a pretty steep price. Then … Continue reading

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Post-Boston: What’s Next?

Finishing Boston was my priority for so long, and now that that’s over, I’m excited to focus on something else. And since my injuries seem to be staying pretty quiet (with consistent foam rolling and strengthening exercises), I finally feel … Continue reading

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