Things I’ve Bought Because People Blogged About Them #4: PRO Compression socks

But first, a word on this series: if you think it’s silly that people buy things because other people blog about them (I am guilty of both the buying (obviously) and the thinking it’s silly (hence this series)), I highly suggest you read this post (including the comments!) from RoseRunner that features a “running-blogger-brand roast,” focusing on those brands and bloggers and items that you (or I) may have at first taken seriously but with which you eventually grew unenamored. I’m not promoting negativity (to each his own and other such sayings), just laughs and a little self-awareness! My initial inspiration to do this series was two-fold: 1) realizing that it’s absurd how many things I’ve bought because people blogged about them (though there are other reasons I buy these things, which I hope at least give me some credibility as a consumer…) so I could use it as an easy weekly post, and 2) having fun. Clearly no one is giving me these things for free. Also I love nested parentheses.

So back to these PRO Compression socks.


Ahhh recovery

Historically, I’ve been pretty indifferent to compression socks or sleeves. I think they’ve been more popular in triathlon (especially the sleeves) but recently they’ve become more popular for runners. I didn’t really buy into their proposed benefits and didn’t see why someone who takes training relatively seriously but isn’t particularly fast (talking about me here) would need to endure looking silly to shave a few seconds off a half marathon. Totally not worth it. (We could probably get extra self-reflective and ponder what it means that I don’t want to stand out for wearing ridiculously bright socks, but this is neither the time nor the place.)

But I kept seeing people posting pictures of wearing the fun colored socks with friends at races or just wearing them while running more generally. And PRO Compression kept sending me discounts. Eventually I gave in to my curiosity. I’ve had these socks for probably a year or so now, but I have only worn them a couple of times. We can blame that on my lack of running for the majority of the time I’ve owned them.

So I have I changed my tune? Sort of. I’ve only worn them after long runs during marathon training, and only around my apartment or out with long pants over them. I do like the feeling of the compression on my calves and based on my highly scientific analysis, my legs appreciate it too. So for recovery, yes, I am a fan and would suggest anyone who is curious to buy a pair on sale and try them out.

Will I ever actually run in them? Not sure. I still think they look silly and unnecessary for my level of running. However, if any friends want to run a race incorporating the pink socks into matching outfits with me, I’d be open to the possibility…  Baby steps, right?


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