Things I’ve Bought Because People Blogged About Them #3: Oiselle Roga Shorts

I’m watching the news this morning about the continuing tragedy in Boston and surrounding areas – I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers today and I hope authorities capture the second suspect soon. I drafted this post last night so I’ll post it anyway.

I first heard of Oiselle when their Rundies were featured all over “Christmas gifts for runners” lists a while back. They’re a small women-owned company based in Seattle, and they recently added Lauren Fleshman to their “flock.” In general most of their products aren’t my style and just aren’t anything I would ever wear, but I’m always on the lookout for good running shorts that will stand up to 20+ mile runs with minimal chafing and annoyance. Most of my running shorts are random pairs I bought in middle school at the race expo for my hometown 5k, but in college I added a few pairs of the ubiquitous Nike Tempo shorts (in my opinion not actually that great for running – they don’t dry quickly enough for summers in the South) and have since picked up a few others that are just never quite good enough.

Enter the Oiselle Roga Short. Though I often tire of Oiselle’s constant social media presence and the bloggers that are so “OMG I heart Oiselle,” I also have bought enough things because people blogged about them to start a whole series! So clearly it’s working… Anyway, I saw these shorts on Emily at Sweat Once a Day and Sarah OUaL and a number of other blogs and eventually figured I’d go for it. My local running store carries a few Oiselle items but the few times I went specifically looking for Rogas, they didn’t have them. I don’t love buying clothes online when you can’t simply return them to the store if they don’t fit well, but I did some research into how other people said they fit in terms of sizing. For anyone who is wondering, my Nike Tempos are mediums and I bought the Rogas in medium. They are still in the laundry from Monday’s marathon so I don’t have a photo of how they fit (also I’m not sure I’m ever going to pose just for blog pictures…), but please feel free to search for my race photos on the BAA website if you’re looking for a laugh (I am clearly struggling by the end) or if you’re curious how they fit.

As for my opinion on the shorts, the fact that I chose to wear them for the marathon on Monday speaks for itself. They are a bit stretchy and fitted but not restrictive, and they dry quickly, which is really important to me because, well, when it’s hot and I’m running, I sweat and I’d rather my shorts be as dry as possible. They definitely DON’T fit like Nike Tempos which are pretty baggy and shapeless, so that took some getting used to. They have two pockets: one key pocket inside the front right side and one zip pocket on the back right which stretches well, though if you put a pack of Chomps and some Sport Beans back there, you will look like you a have a lump on your behind. The length is a bit shorter than I might like, but it doesn’t really bother me, and it looks like they made a new style of shorts (Game Day Short) that fits similarly to the Roga but with a little more leg coverage if that matters to you. I’ve only worn these shorts for a 20 mile training run and then for the marathon, but I think they’ll stay in my “wear for long runs” shorts category for a while. However, if you have ideas of really great shorts for long runs that a) dry quickly and b) have multiple pockets, feel free to let me know!  Maybe Brooks Infiniti?

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