Pre-Race Prep!

It’s Race Day Eve! Tomorrow morning I’m running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon in Cary, NC. It starts at 7am. Yikes.


Women running the full marathon got a purple (aka best color) shirt! Jealous.

I initially registered for this race as a bit of a warm-up for Boston after being away from racing for about a year due to injury (more on that one day). I was worried I’d get too excited and… I don’t know but freak out somehow at Boston with all the energy and adrenaline (which will probably happen anyway, let’s be serious). My boyfriend (Eric) and I ended up running a half in Hilton Head in February, registering just 3 days before the race, so I’ve already officially been re-introduced to road racing. That race, which was just to “test my fitness because my plan says to run 13 miles this weekend” went better than anticipated and I came close to my PR and ran my first EVER negative split, so I’m feeling a little extra pressure for tomorrow to execute well. Of course, my overall goal is to finish healthy so I finally get to run Boston this year after qualifying in the fall of 2010 (sooo much more on that to come in a later post).

As for my pre-race prep, I did a short shake-out run this morning, went to packet pick-up and put my feet up while catching up on Downton Abbey Season 3. Thanks to facebook/twitter, I know how the season ends, but I still just really like watching it. Eric and I went out for some yummy pasta dinner, I’ve pinned my number on my shirt, and we put together our game plan for driving/parking for the morning. Time to squeeze in a little time with my foam roller before bed!

Congrats to all the Rock n Roll USA (or National, as I still prefer to think of it) marathon and half marathon runners today, and good luck to everyone running Tobacco Road!

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